My photo from G4 with Jeff Blim. His hair is glorious.


Jeff Blim.

Oh Jeff. Where do I even start?? He’s even more handsome in person. He’s so damn funny. He’ll have you cry tears of laughter with a single look. And I touched his hair! I asked for the picture, can I touch your hair? And he laughed and said sure! And when we were done he looked at me and laughed some more, what an adorable laugh, too. 

[my pictures with the Starkids at G4]


Jeff Blim - G4 Opening Ceremony

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Unsung Starkid + Unreleased AVPSY Song

That’s completely fair, but in my defence… dude, your daughter’s hot.

» starkid’s twisted in concert


The steward “Thank You” photo of the StarKid’s. Hm… JoMo where’s your hand going on Brant? I thought the sign said “no inappropriate groping”