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Buy my stuff so I can go to LeakyCon! 



I just added my StarKid Summer Season Pass for $65 which is a STEAL because it actually costs $80 (because of added fees/taxes). I’ve also got a bunch of other fandom related prizes, including Glee cast autographs, Harry Potter merch, and StarKid merch that is no longer sold through their store. 

I’m currently less than $20 away from being able to afford my plane ticket so every little bit helps!

If you want to donate but don’t want any of the prizes, click on the “Or, Donate a Different Amount” button (illustrated below) and then scroll to the bottom and enter your information. This is the same method you would use for tumblr exclusive prizes (listed below).

  • $10: Join your fandom! I’ll read the books/watch the movies/watch the show, liveblog/livetweet, and make some photosets for the fandom! If it’s not on Netflix you’ll have to help provide a way for me to easily access the media of your choice. (LIMIT: 5) (This is your chance to get me into those superhero dudes)
  • $8: Three graphics requests: can be a combination of things like sidebar gifs, icons, gif sets, etc. (discuss with me for possibilities)
  • $5: I’ll follow you on tumblr! Wow, what a prize, so amazing

AS AN ADDED PERK: Anyone (who so desires anyway) who donates between NOW and TUESDAY, JUNE 17 can request a work of fanfiction from ME!!! ♥♥ Most likely Klaine but maybe other fandoms too, we can talk about it!

Kelsey is SO important to me and her coming to LeakyCon is the only time in the foreseeable future when I am guaranteed to see her face. SO, do this thing for me. And for Kelsey. But like, for me.

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Jeff Blim in “the sort of making of Seems Right” documentary

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“I dabble on the keys. I dabble.”

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jeff blim playing with jim and the povolos (x)


jeff blim playing with jim and the povolos (x)

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starkid challenge→ 10 starkids

jeff blim

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world’s worst musical: getting off track

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So, I asked Jeff for a picture and a hug, then he suggested the first picture. Then when I got my hug, my roommate snapped the second pic.

He’s such a flawless man.

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Starkid 30 Day Challenge » Favorite Costume

Sweet Tooth (x)

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